The Member Projects Maps is a collection of maps, displaying transmission pipelines operated by members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA).

CEPA members operate over 130,000 km of underground transmission pipelines in Canada and the U.S. These maps are only intended to show general pipeline routes, and the data is for informational and educational purposes only.

This website and the information presented should not be used to determine the location of buried pipelines or infrastructure for the purposes of construction or excavation. If you are planning to excavate, please call or click before you dig.

About CEPA

CEPA is a non-profit organization made up of 12 full member companies who operate transmission pipelines to transport virtually all of the natural gas and crude oil produced in Canada to markets across North America.

Since 1993, CEPA and our members have been working together to continuously improve pipeline operations in the areas of safety, environment and innovation. Our members have embraced accountability across the industry, and dedicate themselves to continuous improvement, common metrics and shared best practices.

For more information

If you are interested in learning more about where transmission pipelines are located in your community, please visit our interactive map, www.aboutpipelinesmap.com. This map enables you to search for Canadian transmission pipelines using your postal code, or zoom and explore to learn more about the facilities and liquids and natural gas transmission pipelines operated by CEPA members.

You can also connect with CEPA at: